Take a listen to what our students have to say about LSU Health Shreveport and our MD Program!

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family environment

"... It's just a different environment than you may get at other schools, very family-like environment, and I really love LSU Health Shreveport because of it."
- Natalie Dominque

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"Day one of 1st year, they really incorporate the fact that they are going to take us into clinical, going around the hospital, talking to patients... it was really nice."
- Shruti Valdyanathan

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Supportive environment

"Everybody here has been really nice, all of the students, faculty...everybody just wants to help you succeed."
- Sam Amarasinghe

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Family Atmosphere

"I really like the family atmosphere that was really evident during my interview."
- Sunil Wadhwa

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belonging & acceptance

"My classmates, we share different perspectives ... and I'm really enjoying my classmates accepting me."
- Kendall Lewis

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"My favorite thing about LSUHS is how approachable everyone here is ... and how patient-centered, which is awesome."
- Olivia Feltner

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access to faculty

"One of the reasons that I wanted to come to LSUHS was the close relationship that a lot of students have with faculty members."
- Stephen Patin

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"The Diversity Office does a great job at getting diverse populations together for impactful conversations and taking care of our people of color."
- Sarah Bertrand

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Family Tradition

"...another reason that played into my coming here is the tradition of my family coming here."
- Sunil Wadhwa

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"LSUHS is situated in a nice area where you get to be really close to Texas and Arkansas so...you get to see a lot of different diseases."
- Kyle Lewis

LSU Health Shreveport students are fans of Shreveport-Bossier!