In our School of Medicine, we are "AIMING HIGH" to provide our current and incoming students the highest level of medical education to carry forward our mission to TEACH • HEAL • DISCOVER in order to advance the well-being of this region and beyond.

Earn your Doctor of Medicine Degree at L S U H S!


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The LSUHS Advantage ...

In our School of Medicine, students develop meaningful relationships with faculty from day one as they are taught in the classroom and labs by the same doctors who will be teaching them in hospitals, clinics and research settings. These faculty members represent 18 clinical departments, which encompass over a dozen highly specialized divisions in addition to five basic science departments.

As a part of a new curriculum, students begin engaging with patients starting in their first year, further strengthening collaborative learning which is a hallmark of the new curriculum. The student experience is further enriched by standardized patient experiences and clinical skills training. Students also have the opportunity to complete a research distinction track.


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Take a look inside  our new  Center for Medical Education
This 105,000 square-foot transformative structure is more than a building as it becomes the path for delivery of modern medical education through team-based, active learning which is supported by a large clinical skills center designed to teach and assess critical patient skills in a simulated clinical setting.



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