Executive Council Wellness aims to improve medical student wellness by utilizing a holistic approach that addresses the seven facets of Wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Spiritual.


Emotional and mental wellness aims to avoid chronic extremes in emotional states by promoting positive behaviors and avoiding negative behaviors. Social skills, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, etc. all contribute to emotional and mental wellness. With this in mind, EC Wellness provides information regarding the following programs at LSUHS: peer mentors, campus organizations and interest groups, mindful meditation, yoga classes for students.  Visit the Student Counseling Center


Physical wellness encompasses all of the behaviors that maintain bodily health. The main objectives of such behaviors are to keep body weight within a healthy limit and obtain / maintain physical fitness. Main contributors to improving physical wellness are nutrition and exercise. We are committed to helping every student improve their physical fitness. Visit the Fitness Zone.

LSU Health Shreveport students are leaders on campus with organizations like AMWA
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Environmental wellness refers to environmental influences that affect your health and behaviors. These may include access to gyms, playgrounds, walking/biking paths, healthy foods, medical insurance and care, mental care, religious communities, a smoke-free environment, etc. Located in close proximity to campus are community parks, parks with kid-friendly playgrounds, and local walking / biking paths, farmers' markets and grocery stores that provide healthy foods, and religious facilities.


Active, lifelong learning is the cornerstone of Intellectual wellness. Keeping up with current events and discussions, learning new skills and increasing students’ knowledge base are just some of the ways in which intellectual wellness can be improved. Our aim is to continue to improve intellectual wellness with Wellness courses, highlighting peer research and providing information on other campus resources, such as grand rounds schedules, campus scientific conferences and academic interest groups at LSUHS. 

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LSU Health Shreveport Bookstore offers students on hand education materials


Spiritual wellness is the sense of meaning and purpose and is not limited to only religion but is also closely linked to emotional and mental wellness. Pursuing a purpose in life, experiencing various emotions such as love, joy, pain, peace, sorrow, and including, caring for and respecting all living things all contribute to improved spiritual wellness. LSUHS hosts numerous spiritual interest groups on campus that students can participate in. Students also have access to a meditation area in the Center for Medical Education.


Financial wellness results from the ability to live comfortably on your income and have the means to save for financial emergencies and goals. Knowing how to manage money in a responsible way contributes to optimal financial wellness. Seminars on financial wellness at LSUHS provide additional education on how to spend/save money as students and in their future careers.


Social wellness stems from the development and maintenance of meaningful interpersonal relationships that create a support network of family, friends and colleagues. Social interactions are important for building confidence and providing emotional security. 

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To learn more about wellness activities and support on our campus, visit the LSUHS Office for Institutional Wellness.

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