2022 White Coat Ceremony

The 2022 LSU Health Shreveport White Coat Ceremony was held at a packed Strand Theatre on Saturday, March 5th with Dr. Keith White, MD, FACS, Professor and the John C. McDonald MD Endowed Chair of Surgery serving as the keynote speaker.

Click here for a list of Gold Humanism Honor Society Inductees.

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As I now enter into the area of my medical education where I will progressively increase my interactions with patients; I acknowledge and accept the privileges and responsibilities given to me as a physician in training;

As a member of the health care team, I will be present at my assigned duty, and will not fail to do my share in the care of our patients; I will approach my medical education with integrity and will support my classmates; I will respectfully acknowledge my teachers, be they faculty or other health care professionals;

Likewise, I will respectfully acknowledge my patients, at whose bedside I will learn; I commit myself to a lifetime of learning both in the art of science of medicine, to better serve my patients;

I will attend to all my patients with competence, without bias toward any, and with compassion toward all; I will safeguard their trust, will respect their secrets which are confided in me, and will serve as their advocate; I will communicate with honesty, kindness and understanding;

I will acknowledge my limitations, and will act responsibly within the bounds of my training;

I will work to learn to cure disease where possible and to prevent disease where opportunity permits; I will promote and protect the health of the public as well as that of my patients; I will not forget the importance of my own well-being and the well-being of those close to me;

These pledges I make freely and upon my honor.


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