The Research Distinction Track was developed by medical students for medical students with the following goals:
  • Add a program to the LSUHS QEP: Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) that is designed to foster development of research and critical thinking skills
  • Provide encouragement and formal recognition to students who are interested in research beyond a summer experience, but not at the level required for dual MD and PhD degrees
  • Develop faculty mentorship of medical students in a research setting



man points to poster
  • Carry out a mentored research project
  • Complete ethics training
  • Prepare two poster or oral presentations of project results
  • Write a manuscript describing the project and results, and submit for publication
    • Submission (not necessarily acceptance) is required; mentor and student choose appropriate journal
  • Write a grant proposal based on the project directed at an appropriate funding opportunity- proposal must be approved by the mentor
    • Mentor works with the student to write a satisfactory proposal
RDT Checklist


  1. Identify mentor and agree on project and timeline
    • Identify an area of research, and a faculty member who is willing to act as mentor for a project
    • Develop project goals and approaches with the mentor
  2. Declare intention to participate in the RDT (formal declaration)- submit form by June 30th of MS3 year
  3. Complete ethics training online module and submit certificate of completion
  4. Carry out research
    • At least eight weeks of dedicated research are required, but not necessarily eight consecutive weeks devoted only to research
  5. Arrange for the two presentations during the time of the project- project does not have to be complete at the time of either presentation
    • Presentations can be at local, regional or national meeting(s), including the MSRP poster session
  6. Manuscript preparation can be in stages- introduction can be started early, figures can be prepared as data are gathered; presentations will provide the basis for manuscript(s)
    • A full first-author manuscript is required (scientific article or clinical research article)
  7. Proposal preparation can be done early in the project, based on ideas, literature review and preliminary data, or at the end of the project, using results as preliminary data
  8. During the process, as requirements are met, complete and submit appropriate forms; finally, have faculty mentor submit letter of completion by deadline


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